Grow Your Brain

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Grow Your Brain offers a program of short, daily dialogs between parents/teachers and children that help 1st and 2nd graders discover Math as a thinking activity

Children learn addition facts and acquire number sense as they gradually, playfully build their knowledge as a network of connections and patterns.

Grow Your Brain helps children discover the truths of math right from the start as something that comes from within as opposed to facts and rules imposed from the outside. This sets children on a path where learning is welcomed, meaningful, and efficient. Children who would do well anyway see their predisposition encouraged and validated. Those who might otherwise fail to connect with Math are slowly nurtured into discovering Math as something that they can embrace and enjoy.

This book has new, yet sensible, ways of conveying math concepts. For instance, it presents number lines vertically, instead of horizontally. That way, when you tell your child to move "up" the number line, it really is up!  See the Itsy-Bitsy Spider and Addition Facts video to see how this works.


Cane, Edric
Dog Ear Publishing
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Grow Your Brain