Life of Fred: Geometry Expanded Edition

Life of Fred: Geometry Expanded Edition

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The Human Face of Geometry

One day in Fred's Life in which he:

  • Falls in love! Her eyes were absolutely fascinating.
  • Writes opera! Almost half of Boat Ride on Lake Tiberius inside.
  • Buys Hecks Kitchen! With stainless steel bars and lots of heat.
  • Does all of geometry! From a point and a line to the 14th dimension.

All fun! Just open and enjoy.

Points and Lines, Angles, Triangles, Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines, Quadrilaterals, Area, Similar Triangles, Symbolic Logic, Right Triangles, Circles, Constructions, Non-Euclidean Geometry, Solid Geometry, Geometry in Four Dimensions, Coordinate Geometry, Flawless (Modern) Geometry.

The author recommends taking Advanced Algebra before Geometry.

This expanded edition includes answers to all problems. No answer key is required.


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AuthorSchmidt, Stanley
PublisherPolka Dot Publishing