Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology

Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology

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The Human Face of Pre-Algebra

A spring morning in Fred's life. Learn . . .

  • What it takes to run a shopping mall
  • How to ask for oats in Scotland
  • The correct way to deliver flowers to a hospital patient
  • ...and even some algebra and biology

All fun! Just open & enjoy.

Definition of Life, Sets, Fractions, Germination of Seeds, Area of a Rectangle, Volume of a Cube, Ordinal Numbers, Diameter and Circumference of a Circle, Definition of π, 2% of 500, Four Ways Plants Make New Plants, d = rt, 20% Discount, the Five Kingdoms, Phyla, Classes, Orders, Families, Genera, Species, Your Brain, Conversion Factors, Where the Non-Water Mass of a Plant Comes From—Plants Don’t Eat Dirt, Subsets of Sets, Digestion, Eyes, Negative Numbers, Dominant Genes, Genotypes, Phenotypes, Blood, Staying Alive, Solving Algebraic Equations, Volume of a Cylinder, Word Problems, Breathing, Chlorophyll vs. Hemoglobin vs. Hemocyanin, Avogadro’s Number, Stoichiometry, the Whole Numbers, a Proof that Division by Zero is Not Permitted, Bones, the Integumentary System, Epidermis and Dermis, Meiosis and Mitosis, Chromosomes, DNA, Alleles, Changing Your Phenotype.

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AuthorSchmidt, Stanley
ISBNISBN: 978-0-9791072-2-1
PublisherPolka Dot Publishing